Histoire d'Enfer SA: OLIVE & WALNUT OILS

All our olive oils are Italian DOP (Campania) and produced from single varieties = monocultivar (Carpellese, Rotondella, Nostrale di Felitto)

Looking for an olive or walnut oil that’s out of the ordinary? You have come to the right place.

L’Enfer du Désir, L’Enfer du Plaisir or L’Enfer de la Passion? It’s up to you! We created these olive oils by selecting three varieties of olive from Cilento in Campania to enhance your desire (Carpellese), your pleasure (Rotondella) and your passion (Nostrale di Felitto).

Structured oils brimming with personality and some of the lowest acidity, maturing over the years like a fine wine without rapid oxidization.

Our walnut oil (Post Tenebras Nux) is procured directly from the Broye region by the Challand family. Opened in 2020, the 2011 vintage displays not the slightest trace of staleness.

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