Histoire d'Enfer SA: REDS

All our grapes have been grown on our land free from synthetic chemical products or herbicides since 2015

“This is an extraordinary Syrah, probably one of the best I have tasted from Switzerland”

Stephan Reinhardt – Robertparker.com

Pinot Noir, Gamay, Humagne Rouge, Diolinoir, Cornalin and Shiraz: there are many persuasive reasons to pay us a visit.

Whether it’s typical grape varieties such as Pinot Noir (Désir, Plaisir, Passion, Calcaire, Calcaire Absolu), Gamay (L’Enfer de la Passion), Humagne Rouge (Cuvée Unique or l’Enfer de la Roche), Diolinoir (L’Enfer de la Passion) or Cornalin (L’Enfer du Calcaire and Calcaire Absolu) or classic Shiraz (Cuvée Classique or L’Enfer de la Patience), we have something to delight every palate with our fine terroir and unique savoir-faire.

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