The story of the Histoire d'Enfer SA winery

The adventures of three wine lovers – who became four... just like musketeers

“Most probably the finest Cornalin I have ever tasted”

Stephan Reinhardt –


Our four-hectare vineyard was born in 2007 from the shared passion of four friends with a love of the world’s finest wines. Four friends – four musketeers, you might say – inspired by the desire to make fine wines on this magnificent terroir. We are privileged to be able to grow fine grape varieties such as Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cornalin, Humagne Rouge and Diolinoir, as well as Petite Arvine, Païen, Humagne Blanche, Chardonnay and Malvoisie.

Although James Paget and Alexandre Challand spend their days in the world of finance in Geneva, London and Zurich, Patrick Regamey, our famous flying doctor, is always on hand to offer his vast wine-making experience to the estate. Surrounded by a three-person team, Alexandre Plassat, a talented young agronomist handles the day-to-day management of the vineyard, from the vines to the cellars. He took over the reins from another Frenchman, Benoit Paris. The vineyard’s three founders are still surrounded by young talent. In November 2018, Elio Moreno, a multilingual globetrotter from Naples succeeded his friend Alexandre Plassat.

The vineyard’s three founders are still surrounded by young talent driven to work on the future of winegrowing with vines free from synthetic products or herbicides. The team, now a quartet, is symbolised by the letter D, the fourth letter of the alphabet and the symbol on our label.

The estate now grows wine on almost 11 hectares of land. All with the same passion and desire to produce fine wines!

Our philosophy